Education Workshop/Classes for Organizations/Companies

The most significant way to reduce healthcare costs is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health and prevent disease. It is with this purpose in mind that we are pleased to be part of the association of professional healthcare motivational and keynote speakers, the members of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals.

FWP members are in great demand to speak at corporations, women's associations, bookstores, health food stores and fitness centers, among many other locations at no cost.

Members are natural healthcare professionals who devote their time as motivational and keynote speakers, who perform Wellness Days, do blood pressure checks, spinal screenings and deliver educational workshops at no charge on health-related topics in their local communities.

All seminars and workshops emphasize preventative care as the key to good health. Workshops and seminars vary in length from 30 minutes to one hour. Audience participation is strongly recommended when possible and those who attend always leave with practical information they can put to use to improve their lives.

Hosting a lecture or event by a professional healthcare motivational and keynote speaker can benefit you and your patrons or employees in the following ways:

- You are able to offer an additional service to your patrons at no cost to you or your patrons or employees.
- When it is appropriate, the keynote speaker will provide information on your services or products.
- You can attract new people to your establishment through these health-oriented events.
- You can be seen as an establishment that cares about your staff or patrons, and that promotes health through alternative or natural methods.
- FWP members work with venues to help promote events to make them as successful as possible.

These services are available for all types of organizations, whether you are a non-profit or for-profit organization.

If you would like to schedule a motivational and keynote speaker for your business or group, please email us or call us 973-794-3762.