Nutritional Consultation

Whether your health goals are:

- permanent weight loss

- improved cholesterol levels

- improved blood sugar control

- lowered blood pressure or

- maintaining or improving health....

Most people need Nutritional Consultations to help achieve their goals.

Nutritional Consultation involves the recommendation of eating whole live food diet. We offer support through nutritional consultation in assisting you in making healthy changes safely. With all the nutritional research out there today, it just gets confusing! Where do you start?

Our approach to food and health starts with an evidence-based system that takes the guessing out! Our protocols are based on experience, some of the latest research and science. ALL of our recommendations are Nutritional. We use chelating minerals, detox footbaths, detox programs, etc., to help rid your body of heavy toxins and professional quality vitamins to fill any deficiencies that are showing up. Occasionally, we'll use botanicals/herbs/homepathics/supplements to assist you in attaining your goal. It's our job to help you attain vitality.