Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation was developed by French Osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral. At optimal health, the relationship between the organs (viscera) and structures of the body (muscles, membranes, fasciae and bones) remains stable despite the body's endless varieties of motion. But when one organ can't move in harmony with its surrounding viscera due to abnormal tone, adhesions or displacement, it works against all the body's organs and structures. This disharmony creates fixed, abnormal points of tension that the body is forced to move around. That chronic irritation, in turn, paves the way for disease and dysfunction.

Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a gentle hands-on therapy that works through the body's visceral system (the heart, liver, intestines and other internal organs) to locate and alleviate these abnormal points of tension throughout the body.

VM employs specifically placed manual forces that work to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the viscera and their connective tissues. Trained practitioners use the rhythmic motions of the visceral system to evaluate how abnormal forces interplay, overlap and affect the normal body forces at work. These gentle manipulations can potentially improve the functioning of individual organs, the systems the organs function within, and the structural integrity of the entire body.


X-rays (or diagnostic images) play a vital role in chiropractic. They allow chiropractors to view your bones and joints with clarity, and to some extent, the related soft tissues. With the help of x-rays, chiropractors can evaluate the health of your bones and derive an accurate diagnosis. However, x-rays are not always necessary...


Most people think that the muscle's only function is to move our body. But in reality, our muscles can do more than that! The muscle can help in maintaining body temperature; it can assist in blood and lymphatic flow. If you are having spinal problems but upon examination the problem was found to be in the muscles, then you could benefit from a therapeutic technique called Kinesio taping.

Kenisio Taping compared to Other Types of Taping Techniques and Procedures?
A common image that enters people's mind when they hear the word taping is an image of a basketball player, with the ankle or any other body part which is wrapped tightly in a tape to assist in stabilizing, and to give support to the injured area. Unlike conventional taping techniques, Kenisio taping does not occlude normal fluid flow but instead normal flow of body fluids is maintained and at the same time, support and stability is provided to the injured area of the body.

How does it Work?
Made of elastic material, the Kinesio tape is applied over the affected muscle group, or just proximal or distal to the muscle. The tape gives support to the damaged muscle without limiting too much movement that will let you continue with your daily tasks and activities. Because of this, normal muscle healing happens to the muscle.

How does it help
There are various medical conditions where application of Kenisio Tape is beneficial. It is used to help patients suffering from different problems, ranging from headaches to carpel tunnel syndrome. Other conditions that will benefit from Kinesio Taping technique are:
- low back pain or muscle strain
- chronic stage knee and shoulder injuries
- lateral epicondylitis
- whiplash injuries
- pre- or post-operation treatments and a lot more


Many chiropractors use traction, in which traction devices are applied to distract areas of the spine. This treatment helps separate the vertebrae resulting in disc decompression, reduced nerve root pressure, and decreased.

Therapeutic Exercises & Stretches

Chiropractors commonly prescribe specific strengthening exercises for their patients with back, neck, and extremity problems. These exercises can decrease pain, prevent muscle deterioration, promote joint health, increase strength, stability and range of motion, and protect against new or recurring injuries.

Your chiropractor will show you how to do the exercises and supervise you until you are comfortable doing them on your own. It's important to keep up with your exercises as prescribed (similarly to drug prescriptions). Studies show that individuals who follow their exercise instructions heal faster than those who do not.

Following an injury, therapeutic stretching is an important way to prevent scar tissue from forming. Even after the injury has healed, maintaining a regular stretching program helps keep tissues flexible, increases mobility, and protects you from new injuries. As with exercise, your chiropractor will instruct you on proper stretching techniques and will supervise you until you are comfortable enough to do them on your own.


By stimulating the weaker side of the brain you allow it to become stronger, thus improving overall performance both mentally and physically. Eyelights can be used by anyone since everyone has one side of the brain that functions at a higher level than the other. Eyelights are being worn by children with learning disabilities in order to keep them more attentive and focused in the classroom. Athletes are wearing Eyelights to increase performance on the field or to push through a plateau. Anyone can wear Eyelights to deal more effectively with stress, depression, or neurological disorders. Let Eyelights take you Beyond Limitation!

Increase Serotonin and Dopamine Production
One of the main functions of the light therapy used by Eyelights is to produce higher levels of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin affects the mentality of a person (limbic lobe of the brain). When the brain produces too little serotonin, mood swings, learning problems, and depression can occur. The light pulses will increase serotonin production and aid in the treatment of patients experiencing mental or emotional problems.

Dopamine in the brain controls motor function and strength of muscle. When dopamine is present, one has control of fine motor movements. The lack of dopamine causes movement disorders such as Parkinson's. Eyelights excite the receptors at the back of the retina, which in turn fire to the brain stem in three different areas. One of these areas is the mesencephalon, the highest center, which stimulates A9 and A10 cells into producing dopamine.

Medial rectus muscles control or have relationship with the multifidi muscles of the erector spinae group. Due to the homologous column of the body, if the medial rectus is weak, the multifidi muscles will also be inhibited, or hypotonic, allowing for rotations of the spinous processes to occur. When muscle tone is hypertonic on one side of the spine, coupled with growth spurts during puberty, you will see concavities of the spine occurring (scoliosis). Curvatures develop because of the brains influence on spinal structures, coupled with puberty and growth. As the multifidi are stimulated, tone changes will occur, and changes in the coupling of the spine are at this point recognized.

Seasonal Depression
During the winter months many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, which is a form of depression caused by a decrease in the number of hours of daylight. In some people a decrease in exposure to light can lead to decreased energy, depressed moods, and increase in appetite. The light therapy that Eyelights offers can alleviate many of these symptoms. People experiencing SAD may produce less melatonin and Serotonin which can lead to a depressive state. Eyelights can cause the brain to release elevated levels of these chemicals causing many symptoms to pass.

Eyelights and Learning Problems
Seeing is our dominant sense and primary source for gathering information in learning. Vision problems can have a profound effect on how a child learns. A vision problem can be easily mistaken for a learning problem. For example, children who have visual problems often can't stay focused on their school work or task at hand. They may be misdiagnosed as ADHD because children with ADHD elicit the same problems in the same areas.

"Untreated eye conditions can worsen and lead to other
serious problems, as well as affect learning ability,
athletic performance, and self esteem."

Children and Eye Problems,
Prevent Blindness America, 2000
Eyelights therapy will strengthen the weaker eye and help correct many vision problems that may contribute to a child's learning abilities.

* Accommodation (eye focusing)
* Visual-motor integration (eye/hand coordination, sports vision)
* Eye tracking skills (eyes following a line of print)
* Visual perception (visual memory, visual form perception, directionality)

Increase Serotonin Production
Children who are diagnosed with learning disabilities have a neurotransmitter imbalance and are often not producing enough serotonin. Serotonin is a major chemical in the brain involved in communication between nerves. It is involved in controlling emotions, ability to pay attention, motivation to do things, and ability to think before acting.

Drugs such as Ritalin are used to stimulate the brain into producing elevated levels of serotonin. However, these drugs can cause serious side effects such as tics, insomnia, dependency, and a dramatic decrease in appetite which can lead to stunted growth. Eyelights can promote serotonin production naturally, without the side effects caused by drugs. Eyelights excite the receptors at the back of the retina, which in turn fire to the brain stem in three different areas. One of these areas is the pons, which stimulates A7 and A8 cells into producing serotonin.

Recent studies have shown that children who play video games end up with increased serotonin levels. Again, this is what Eyelights achieves naturally with its light pulses to the brain, while allowing a child to study or play a sport at the same time.

Increase Dopamine Production
Dopamine in the brain controls motor function and strength of muscle. Eyelights stimulate A9 and A10 cells, located in the mesencephalon of the brain, into producing higher levels of dopamine. Higher dopamine levels can increase a child's ability to kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball, or throw a football

Many athletes are wearing Eyelights to help improve their game. Before the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, members of the U.S. Women's Swim Team were outfitted with the glasses and several went on to win gold medals. One Olympic gold medal swimmer, Lars Frolander from Sweden, was one of the people initially responsible for the research and development of Eyelights. He had begun to see a decrease in his level of athletic performance and sought treatment from Dr. Peter Jaillet, inventor of Eyelights. During the course of treatment Dr. Jaillet found that light therapy worked best at increasing his physical abilities in and out of the pool. Because Lars often traveled around the world for competitions, he needed portability to the therapy he was receiving in the office. Thus, Eyelights were born!

Increase Your Abilities
Do you want to increase your ability to kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball, throw a football, or sink a putt? Eyelights can help you do all that and more. In order for your body to perform at its optimal level, your brain must be working at its optimal level. Right now only half of your brain is functioning at its highest level. Just imagine what you can accomplish on the field if your entire brain is working its hardest.
Everyone has one side of the brain that functions at a higher level than the other (this would be considered your dominant side). Eyelights were designed as glasses emitting light pulses because one of the most direct avenues to the brain is via the eye. By stimulating the non-dominant side of your brain, you allow it to become stronger, thus improving overall performance.

Change in Gait Patterns
If an athlete has a non-dominant right eye, there will be weakness of the back muscles on the right side, resulting in decreased tone on that side and increased tone on the dominant side. This causes a shortened gait pattern to occur on dominant side (left), while the non-dominant side has a longer stride. The result is abnormal or uncoordinated movement due to the rotation of the pelvis. Eyelights can stabilize the mid-line so that both sides become equal and a change in gait pattern occurs.

Many Athletes are Wearing Eyelights
Many athletes are wearing Eyelights to help improve their game:
Pro baseball
NBA referees
Pro golfers
Gold Medal Olympic swimmers Read the WebMD article on Eyelights
Hockey players
NCAA champions
Track & Field athletes
Even Olympic athletes who are at the top of their game are using Eyelights. Before the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, members of the U.S. women's swim team were outfitted with the glasses. Several went on to win gold medals. Eyelights can give you the added edge in sports where tenths of seconds matter most.


A credit card-sized magnet can energize your energy field and protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Includes one magnet.

Even though we can't and wouldn't want to do away with all our electric appliances, we can protect ourselves. A simple MultiPolar Magnet, no bigger than a credit card, can energize your energy field and protect you. This small multipolar magnet can be placed in a shirt pocket, inside a woman's bra or in a wallet carried on the body. We use very specific magnets that change from north to south on the same side, four to five times per inch, and they're under 350 gauss no matter where you measure them.

We recommend people wear this magnet all the time they are working with computers or around other strong electromagnetic environments. Our preference is to wear it all day long, every day. Why? Electromagnetic pollution is everywhere and is most likely affecting you. Usually people have more energy and feel better when they have this very specific magnet next to them.

MultiPolar Magnets may also be used for pain reduction by placing them over the painful area and leaving it until the pain lessens or leaves. If this doesn't help or makes it worse, move it to the exact same location on the opposite side of the body. This effect has to do with activating the acupuncture or energy meridians of the body. This credit card sized magnet can increase circulation and relieve chronic pain including:

- Headaches
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Aches and pains
- Tennis elbow
- Strained muscle problems
- Bruises
- Arthritis
- Old injuries
- Back pain or spinal problems due to the balancing of energy

Most people wear the MultiPolar Magnet all day. Some feel they need more energy and find that placing several under their mattress pad of their beds helps them at night. MultiPolar Magnets work to help protect you from the electromagnetic radiation that permeates our lives.

Health Classes

At our office, education is key to our practice members getting the results they seek. It is our duty to make sure our patients learn about the essentials of a healthy lifestyle so that they have the information to make the best choices for their families' health care. Therefore, we take the opportunity to hold Health Classes regularly in our office. Join us! Contact us for details on our schedule of upcoming classes.

Education Workshop/Classes for Organizations/Companies

The most significant way to reduce healthcare costs is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health and prevent disease. It is with this purpose in mind that we are pleased to be part of the association of professional healthcare motivational and keynote speakers, the members of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals.

FWP members are in great demand to speak at corporations, women's associations, bookstores, health food stores and fitness centers, among many other locations at no cost.

Members are natural healthcare professionals who devote their time as motivational and keynote speakers, who perform Wellness Days, do blood pressure checks, spinal screenings and deliver educational workshops at no charge on health-related topics in their local communities.

All seminars and workshops emphasize preventative care as the key to good health. Workshops and seminars vary in length from 30 minutes to one hour. Audience participation is strongly recommended when possible and those who attend always leave with practical information they can put to use to improve their lives.

Hosting a lecture or event by a professional healthcare motivational and keynote speaker can benefit you and your patrons or employees in the following ways:

- You are able to offer an additional service to your patrons at no cost to you or your patrons or employees.
- When it is appropriate, the keynote speaker will provide information on your services or products.
- You can attract new people to your establishment through these health-oriented events.
- You can be seen as an establishment that cares about your staff or patrons, and that promotes health through alternative or natural methods.
- FWP members work with venues to help promote events to make them as successful as possible.

These services are available for all types of organizations, whether you are a non-profit or for-profit organization.

If you would like to schedule a motivational and keynote speaker for your business or group, please email us or call us 973-794-3762.

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