At "the Source of Health" we offer a full array of chiropractic and health services. Most of these are part of the daily adjustments and treatments. Whether you have a sports injury, lower back pain, arthritis of a joint or scoliosis, we will work with you to achieve your optimal health. You can learn more about our services by reading this section of our website. CLICK ON ANY LINK TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION.

Adjustment of Entire Musculo-Skeletal Structure & Extremities (including no twisting/cracking techniques)


Allergy/ Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique


Biosonic Re-patterning (Sound)


Chromatherapy (Color)


CDL/DOT Examination


Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT)


Detoxification Therapy


Dietary/Lifestyle Modification


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)


Emotional Therapy


Enzyme Therapy




Lymphatic Massage


Myofascial Release


Microbiome Test Kit


Neuro-Muscular Re-Education


Accupoint Therapy


Vitamins & Supplements


Nutritional Consultation


pH Testing


Scar Tissue/Adhesion Release


Stress Testing




Visceral Manipulation








Therapeutic Exercises & Stretches






Health Class


Education Workshop/Classes for Organizations/Companies


Ion Therapy System - EB-Pro™ Energy Balancer™


Essential Oils (Organic Therapeutic Grade)


Hormone Balancing (Bio-Identical Saliva Testing)


Iodine Spot & 24-hr Load Testing


Vitamin D - BloodDrop™ Testing

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